Our Difference

A Plan for the Place

The TCLB is driven by a Plan for the Place and the data to support strategic decisions.

Not all communities have the same priorities.  The TCLB is responsive to community priorities and development opportunities.

  • Neighborhood Preservation – Strategizing abandoned homes in a stable neighborhoods.
  • Neighborhood Restoration –  “Greening” vacant lots through side lot sales and neighborhood green spaces
  • Site Development –  Assemble and acquire multiple lots for larger redevelopment plans
  • Economic Redevelopment – Acquire and repurpose commercial spaces to bring in new businesses and strengthen existing commercial districts

“The Business Plan for the Tri-COG Land Bank reflects more than just a determined and inclusive approach to a pioneering model; it represents a thoughtful adaptation of some of the most successful practices in the field.”

- Center for Community Progress

Inclusive Decision Making

  • Our model is a round table – comprised of membership: municipalities, school districts and Allegheny County
  • Members of the TCLB – through the Advisory Committees – are directly involved in assisting TCLB staff in developing the process for property selection, acquisition, and disposition. The Advisory Committees are also responsible for making acquisition and disposition recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  • Advisory Committee  members attendance to meetings allows member to be able to fully participate in TCLB process, ensure the voice of their community is represented, and allows partnerships to form between members to work on holistically fighting blight.

Our model for financing ourselves

  • TCLB members pay an annual contribution to the land bank based on their delinquent tax collection activities
  • TCLB collects  fifty percent (50%) of the real estate tax principal collected on Real Property disposed of by the Land Bank for a period of five (5) years.
  • Funding through grants and loans