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Becoming a member of Tri-COG Land Bank lets us operate within your municipality and school district, putting abandoned properties back on the tax rolls and saving public costs in code enforcement, public safety, and other municipal services. 

Designated as a land bank by the state of PA, TCLB has legal abilities that make it easier to acquire properties and clear titles. To fight blight, land banks can:

  • Repurpose abandoned properties at the scale of the problem in ways that are best for communities.
  • Shift the burden and risk of addressing blight from a single municipality to a shared organization.
  • Increase the number of potential buyers and uses for properties.
  • Assemble unproductive properties for new economic development opportunities.

Benefits of addressing blight through a land bank include:

  • More tax revenue for municipalities, school districts, and county government.
  • Increased property values.
  • Savings in code enforcement, police, fire, and public works costs.
  • Improved health for community members.
  • Reduced crime, especially gun-related violence.
  • Revitalized communities, attractive for new residents and growth.

Who is Eligible?



  • Any municipality within Allegheny County who is also a member of a Council of Governments.
  • The corresponding school district must be a member of the Land Bank.

School Districts

  • Any School District within Allegheny County.
  • School Land Bank Members are coordinated with the Municipal Land Bank Member that has overlapping geographical jurisdiction with the School District.

Membership Requirements

By becoming a member of the TCLB you must agree to the following:

  • Discharge unpaid taxes and other public liens on properties the Land Bank acquires.
  • Remit 50% of the taxes for up to 5 years on properties the TCLB has successfully put back to productive use.
  • Participate in the annual contribution to the Land Bank.


  • A written request must be submitted to the Chair of the Land Bank to be approved for membership by the Land Bank Board.
  • Voting for new Land Bank Membership shall take place prior to the second quarter of the calendar year.
  • If approved, the Land Bank shall provide a template Ordinance or Resolution, which authorizes signing the Tri-COG Land Bank Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement (ICA). The governing body of the Tax/Municipal Claim Jurisdiction shall adopt the Ordinance or Resolution, sign the ICA and provide an official copy of its Ordinance or Resolution to the Executive Director of the Land Bank.
  • For more information please email