Who is eligible?


  • Any municipality within Allegheny County who is also a member of a Council of Governments.
  • The corresponding school district must be a member of Land Bank

School Districts

  • Any School District¬†within Allegheny County
  • School Land Bank Members are coordinated with the Municipal Land Bank Member that has overlapping geographical jurisdiction with the School District.

Membership Requirements

By becoming a member of the TCLB you must agree to the following:

  • Discharge unpaid taxes and other public liens on properties the Land Bank acquires
  • Remit 50% of the taxes for up to 5 years on properties the TCLB has successfully put back to productive use
  • Participate in the annual contribution to the Land Bank


  • A written request must be submitted to the Chair of the Land Bank to be approved for membership by the Land Bank Board.
  • Voting for new Land Bank Membership shall take place prior to the second quarter of the calendar year.
  • If approved, the Land Bank shall provide a template Ordinance or Resolution, which authorizes signing the Tri-COG Land Bank Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement (ICA). The governing body of the Tax/Municipal Claim Jurisdiction shall adopt the Ordinance or Resolution,¬† sign the ICA and provide an official copy of its Ordinance or Resolution to the Executive Director of the Land Bank.
  • For more information please email an@tricoglandbank.org