Side Lot Development Program

There are many abandoned vacant lots throughout our Allegheny County neighborhoods. To care for these lots and steward them out of abandonment, the Tri-COG Land Bank offers adjacent homeowners the opportunity to expand their yard through our Side Lot Development Program. When a TCLB-owned lot is located next to another house, that homeowner has the ability to purchase the lot for a below-market price. It’s a win-win: the property gets an owner who will care for it, while the new owner gets more space to run, play, or garden!

Side lots must be less than .25 acres in size and clear of any primary structures.

Eligibility: Side Lot Program participants must be owner occupied property owners or equitable owners of the property directly adjacent to the side lot. An equitable owner is a person who is not the owner of record but who can demonstrate an ownership interest in the property as provided by law. An equitable owner includes, but it not limited to, a person who has inherited an interest in the property.

TCLB General Eligibility Criteria applies to the Side Lot Development Program.

Side Lot Application Process


Step 1: Side Lot Development Letter

If you share a 50% contiguous boundary with a TCLB owned side lot, you will receive a Side Lot Development letter in the mail.

Step 2: Submit an Application

Submit a completed application in person or by mail on or after the date specified in the letter, applications submitted prior to the start date and time will be returned and not considered.

Step 3: Agreement of Sale

The first complete application from a qualified Transferee shall be invited to enter into an Agreement of Sale for the side lot after Board approval.  If the first qualified Transferee who submits a complete application does not purchase the side lot, then, the second application received by TCLB shall be reviewed.