Interested in Buying a Property?

When the TCLB reviews applications from interested buyers for our properties, we are particularly interested in applications that have a strong plan with well thought out ways to finance the property and its rehabilitation. When TCLB reviews applications, our focus is on community priorities and strengthening the neighborhood through each property sale.

Benefits of Buying Property from The Tri-COG Land Bank:

  • Properties are vetted and cleared against all liens. There’s no surprises.
  • Assisting with the revitalization of communities and neighborhoods.
  • Quality properties at very marketable prices.

Our Spotlight Properties:




Offers to purchase a Land Bank owned property will not be reviewed until the Land Bank receives a complete Application, including any documents required to be submitted with the Application and payment of the Application Fee.  Completed offers will be reviewed in the order that they are received by the Land Bank.  Although offer amount is an important aspect of the application, and you should therefore make your highest and best offer to the Land Bank, the property use, redevelopment/rehabilitation plan (if applicable), and other aspects of the Application will also be considered by the Land Bank.  Additional information may be requested by the Land Bank. The highest offer amount does NOT guarantee the transfer of a property and submitting an Application does not guarantee approval to purchase a property.  The approval of an Application and transfer of the property shall be at the sole discretion of the Land Bank.  Please contact us for any additional questions or concerns about acquiring Land Bank properties.