Donate a Property

Tri-COG Land Bank welcomes donations of vacant properties that are located within our member communities, where a beneficial end use can be determined for the property. Donations may be accepted that support community stabilization and provide opportunity for owner occupants, responsible developers and investors. Residential and commercial properties may qualify.

Please complete the steps below if you’d like TCLB to evaluate your property for donation.

Submitting a form does not guarantee the Land Bank will accept the donation of the property. TCLB reserves the right to refuse any property donation.

Steps to Donate a Property

Step 1: Confirm Property
Confirm that your property is unoccupied and located in one of our member municipalities.
Step 2: Submit Application
Submit a completed Property Donation Application for a property with structure or a vacant lot.
Step 3: TCLB Meeting
After TCLB staff review your application and confirm that your property qualifies, they will contact you to set up a meeting to view the property. The property owner or a representative appointed by the property owner must be present at the meeting.
Step 4: Property Evaluation

TCLB will evaluate the property, which may include contacting municipal staff, completing an exterior and interior assessment, taking photographs, conducting a title search, and scoring the property using a standardized rubric.

Step 5: Board of Directors Approval

If TCLB decides to proceed with the donation based on this evaluation, the Donation Application will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for approval.

Step 6: 60 Day Wait

TCLB will notify the members where the properties are located to ensure their approval.  This process can take 60 Days.

Step 7: Donation Agreement Completion
If no objections are received, TCLB staff will mail a Donation Agreement to the property owner. Once TCLB receives the signed Donation Agreement they will execute the agreement.
Step 8: Final Closing Steps

If the property is found to be subject to a mortgage, judgment, or other liens, the property owner must pay them in full prior to the date of closing.

Step 9: Deed Completion
The Land Bank will prepare a Deed conveying the property to the Land Bank. The property owner will execute the Deed, and the Land Bank shall record the Deed in the Department of Real Estate of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.


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