Our Process

STEP 1: Property Recommendation Form Submittal

Note: Completing a Property Recommendation Form does not guarantee the TCLB will acquire a property. The form is not an application to purchase the property. By submitting the form, you acknowledge that you will not be prioritized over other eligible applicants should you be interested in purchasing the property.

STEP 2: Feasibility Analysis and Property Categorization

TCLB will review property for program eligibility, property ownership, and community impact. TCLB will conduct a thorough assessment of the property based on various criteria including: community impact, return of investment, block condition, property condition, sales market, interested purchaser, and acquisition method.

STEP 3: Advisory Committee Update on Property Acquisition

Staff will update the Advisory Committees on properties with the information collected and property assessments completed.

STEP 4: Board of Directors Vote on Property Acquisition & Acquisition Process Begins

The Board of Directors will vote on properties to start the process of acquisition. TCLB will notify the members where the properties are located to ensure their approval. TCLB will then begin the process to acquire properties through multiple vehicles. The most frequent methods used are tax foreclosure and donation.

STEP 5: Property Acquired by the Land Bank

When TCLB successfully takes ownership of the property, it will stabilize the structure and work with local municipalities to address code violations.

STEP 6: Property Rehab or Property Assessment Report

If the property has an existing structure, TCLB will either rehab the structure or evaluate the structure for the rehab to be completed by the new owner. A punch list of required rehabilitation will be a term of the sale. TCLB may also lease vacant land or hold the property for a longer term redevelopment plan.

STEP 7: Applications to Purchase Properties Made Available on Website

Properties are made available on TCLB website and interested parties may submit an application for purchase. If property has a Property Assessment Report list then interested party must also include information on rehab plan and financing.

STEP 8: Board of Directors Vote on Disposition of Property & Agreement of Sale is Executed

Agreement of Sale may include stipulation that the property purchaser will complete all agreed-upon repairs and improvements by a specified date.


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